The weather condition has actually altered as soon as again and each enjoyed to see the return of the sun today. I do not know exactly what it is about sunshine however it raises my spirits and it also has the additional impact of making me feel so randy.

And something I’m not keen on being is hot and sweaty, it truly doesn’t appeal to me, not unless it is an equally attained state for you and your partner.

It was bloody hot in the office today and I withstood grumbling about it too much because the air con system is installed best beside me and blows beautiful cold air right down my back and around my ass. So I sat there and broiled. Good!

The afternoon saw me unimaginative to work and clock watching, although I understood that Alex was going to be late home due to work commitments.

As quickly as I got home I ran upstairs, shook off my work clothes and turned on the shower. I pointed out the result the sun has on me and that is most likely why I decided to take a good friend into the shower with me.

I took the Lelo Iris Vibe.

The Lelo Iris vibrator is among the high-end enjoyment items created by Lelo. I have actually practically attempted out the entire variety now and needed to have lelo Iris Vibe to take me an action better to having attempted each. She is perfectly contoured for stimulation and in the true Lelo style she is rechargeable.

Here are some intriguing realities about her:.

She houses two separately balanced engines to offer pleasure from tip to tail.
The shaft is sculptured in to the most delightful enjoyment shapes.
She is the exact same size as the Lelo Elise measuring 15cm of wondrous insertable length by 12cm in girth, a serious toy.
And made from silky smooth medical grade silicone to be body friendly.
With her ergonomic shape it is simple to utilize and angled to hit the right spots.
Do not stress Iris is also waterproof, I though I need to point out that.
That shower is running.

I placed Lelo Iris on the side of the bath whilst I climbed up in under the running shower head and pulled the curtain across. It felt great to remove the troubles of the day and to relax under the warm jets of water.

Did I mention that showers make me feel horny too? I just wish ours was a larger walk in affair that we might both action in to with ease. You would never ever get us out. Lol I got the shampoo and cleaned my hair, rapidly following with conditioner and a great rinse.

Then I remembered my Lelo Iris and selected her up from the far end of the bath. One press of the control made her respond and the twin engines began to vibrate. She is powerful and as I turned up the speed the vibrations took a trip up my arm.

I pressed the control dial until I found the pulse setting and then turned up the speed, it felt so good just holding it in my hand. Parting my legs to open up my sex I angled the Lelo Iris between my legs.

Inserting her between my swollen labia I quickly found my clit. I shivered a little as the vibrator made contact with my pink fragile nub of nerve endings. The pulsations were running though me as I began to massage my clit with the really idea of the Iris.

It felt so indulgent standing there with the warm water cleaning me on the outside whilst inside I was so filthy. I put my hand out to steady myself on the wall to my side. The vibe was having its evil way with my clit and I might feel the telltale tinglings in my feet and hands. The cautioning the orgasm looms. I continued to roll the vibe around my clit and had to lean versus the shower wall with my back to guarantee that I didn’t have a mishap which would be hard to describe later on.

I closed my eyes and focused on the warm water pouring over me and the surge that was about to happen between my legs. A couple more motions from side to side on my throbbing clit and …

… I held my breath as the very first spasm of satisfaction wrecked through my lower body and escaped from my head. Then another struck me even harder, I trembled, shivered feebly leaning against the wall.

All of it ended up being too much and I had to remove the vibrator from my clit since of its increased sensitivity. I turned her off and positioned her on the side of the bath once again with a smile.

You can find Lelo products at: xoxtoys.ca

Reaching for the towel I wondered how she would perform in the bedroom.


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